Cairo-row-row your boat… Bringing sexy back!

Brief note: New TagLib# released, adds lyrics support, fixes ASF writing, speeds up MPEG-4 (Not as fast as I previously boasted in my blog, but substantially.) Check out the website for more details and downloads.

Another brief note: I have time to mess around like this because I’m on spring break, I won’t have time to work on this again most likely until summer.

Now, for what everyone loves… SCREENSHOTS!

If you will it, it is not a dream…

Now that’s what I call scaling!

It’s transparent, it’s scaling, it’s fast, and it’s MANAGED! (Except for some RSVG work due to an incomplete API.)

The goal is to build my own Gimmie style application based on the mockup given when Gimmie was first announced. This would include four corners (applications, documents, system, and people) which would improve access to tasks and hopefully simplify the thought process for users. Some concepts I would like to include:

  • (From AWN) A DBus interface so applications could assign icons to windows, assign windows to applications, files, people, etc.
  • When the mouse leaves the dock, I want it to reduce to just the corner and shrink to a small size. Then, when an application wants to grab the user’s attention/input focus, it’s icon could appear, the corner could get bigger, and some eye-candy animation could begin.
  • Plugins: The library currently provides a generic Icon class which renders by receiving coordinates, dimensions, and a cairo-context. It would be pretty easy to render any sort of content
  • (From Cairo-Dock) I would really like to have a patterned background like Cairo-Dock. Looking at their code, it’ll take some DllImporting due to shortcomings in Mono.Cairo, but nothing too serious.

I’ll make a more technical post on the code in a while, once I’ve got the input mask worked out.

– Brian


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