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TagLib#: Special thanks to the people at #theora

I’ve made a bit of progress:

$ mono ReadFromUri.exe ~/Downloads/mac_pc_linux_2.OGG 
Year:       0
Track:      0
TrackCount: 0
Disc:       0
DiscCount:  0
Audio Properties
Bitrate:    56
SampleRate: 22050
Channels:   2
Video Properties
Width:      320
Height:     240
Length:     00:00:41.8750000
Embedded Pictures: 0
Total running time:    00:00:00.2400040
Total files read:      1
Average time per file: 00:00:00.2400040

The original file ended with a Vorbis page, which is easy to read, so I corrupted it and got duration parsing from a final Theora header (with some great help from the people at #theora on freenode).

The main problem now is: How do I update the tags. I’m going to have to look at the TagLib implementation more thoroughly, but at this point I’m scratching my head. Should I extract all the packets from the first page containing comment data to the last, then generate my own pages? It’ll probably take me a couple days to figure this out.

And then… M4V, MPEG (Just stick a ID3v2.4 on the end?), AVI, and I’m done! With all this change, I think this’ll be 2.0.


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