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Entertaining comments: New name for TagLib#, Website & Hosting

1. TagLib# has gone through enormous changes since it was originally ported from TagLib (C++/Linux), it deals with a different audience, it handles different files, and the name similarity has caused some confusion for new users. I am thinking of renaming the project, maybe dropping the “-sharp” moniker, perhaps commenting on the impending Video support.

In short, What should I call it?

2. It seems like the Windows developer community and newer developers (I’m not dogging on the Windows community, but the two groups are similar in this respect) are more comfortable with forums and online documentation than mailing lists and monodoc. As such, TagLib# needs its own website, preferably, that said, two things:

What all should go on a library’s website? Examples, Forum, Documentation, etc.

Is anyone willing to host a website and buy me a domain? I’m broke!

Please comment.


2 thoughts on “Entertaining comments: New name for TagLib#, Website & Hosting

  1. hey,

    I’d be willing to host the site. I have a freebsd server running apache, php, and as-soon-as-I-get-around-to-it mono.

    I’m interested in working with the library to create a personal media manager that will allow me to scan my drives for duplicate instances of mp3 files, compare the bit rates, optionally verify file integrity, and delete duplicate or lower-quality files. so I’d love to get at some documentation.

  2. Hi

    If you have detailed requirements for your hosting – I may be able to help.

    I am working on an open home media server project, and am looking at various libraries – including those to pull metadata from existing media files into an open XML repository.


    Paul /)/+)

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