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My Monodoc shame script…

Possibly the single most important thing in ensuring the use of your library and the happiness of those using it is documentation. It is also a great way to ensure your API is up to snuff before you declare it “stable” ’cause you have to review every class and member.

As such, I’ve written a little shell script to pinpoint where you have work to do: shaminator.bash.

Simply run “shaminator.bash path/to/docs” and watch the fun results:

~/Programming/taglib-sharp> shaminator.bash docs/en/
1       ./TagLib.Mpeg/VideoHeader.xml
2       ./TagLib.Mpeg/XingHeader.xml
1       ./TagLib.Mpeg/Marker.xml
1       ./TagLib.Flac/BlockType.xml
10      ./TagLib.Flac/Metadata.xml
6       ./TagLib.Flac/BlockHeader.xml

Namespaces:            14
Visible Types:         153
   Classes:            89
   Abstract Classes:   9
   Static Classes:     7
   Structures:         18
   Interfaces:         5
   Enumerations:       20
   Delegates:          3
Visible Members:       1273
   Constructors:       266
   Methods:            398
   Properties:         427
   Fields:             182

Missing Documentation: 700

And once you’re finished, you’ll have some sweet statistics to show off.

Disclaimers: This program does not account for blank fields, AKA fields that have been cleared, and bases its assessment on the number of occurrences of “To be added.” in the text.

– Brian


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