Current State of TagLib#

As many of you have observed,  TagLib-Sharp.com no longer exists and the TagLib# NovellForge site hasn’t been updated in over a year.  The fact of the matter is, I haven’t been involved with TagLib# in about two years and the blog and forum are lost to the ages.

That said, TagLib# is still alive and kicking under the umbrella of the Banshee Project.  It’s just not well publicised.  If you would like to use TagLib# in your next closed or open source project, below are some links that can help.

Many thanks to Gabriel Burt for his continued maintenance of the library.

Best regards,
Brian Nickel


5 thoughts on “Current State of TagLib#

  1. Hi Brian, I think TagLib# is a very important and usefull peace of code. The problem is I lack the ability to use it. I have no idea how to get started. Could you send me a C# project (I’m using VS2010) where you show how to read and write a ID3 tag of an MP3 file? This would really help. So all I’m asking is some kind of demo. Thanks in advance.

    1. Long story short…
      TagLib.File file = TagLib.File.Create("song.mp3");
      Console.WriteLine(file.Tag.Title + " by " + file.Tag.JoinedPerformers);
      file.Tag.Comment = "I love this song!";

      The API is fully XML-documented so if you load up the source project in VS, it should give you documentation and autocomplete.

  2. Sorry for asking for a little support here, but i have a quick question:
    Can you please provide me a sample code how to retrieve a certain frame, like, let’s say Original Artist, or ISRC “TSRC”?

    Thanks in advance and sorry again for using your blog for this.


    1. I haven’t worked with the library in a while, but I believe the following should work:

      bool create = false;

      TagLib.Id3v2.Tag tag = file.getTag(TagTypes.ID3v2, create) as TagLib.Id3v2.Tag;
      if(tag == null) return null;

      TextInformationFrame frame = TextInformationFrame.Get (tag, "TSRC", create);
      if(frame == null) return false;

      return frame.Text;

      To set the value, you switch “create” to true. and set the value of frame.Text.

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